Isaac joined SVA in May of 2019 after earning a BA in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior. Isaac appreciates the learning opportunities his work provides, “I love finding out new interesting things I’ve never heard about and asking more questions when I don’t know about something.” When he’s not at work he loves traveling and playing games of all sorts. He also has a strong desire to get back into rock climbing and swimming, too. The animal he thinks most closely resembles his personality is a Hyena. When asked about the weirdest job he’s had he says “Courier for a Lab that tested all sorts of things. From picking up a food sample from a specific plane at SeaTac while it was on lay over, to some uncovered frozen fish from South Seattle to Lake Forest Park as fast as I could.” Sounds pretty interesting! He currently shares his home with Benito, the sweet little Min-Pin/Chihuahua mix adopted from Emerald City Pet Rescue.