Rachel joined SVA in November of 2015 after receiving a B.S. in Animal Science from Washington State University. Her primary interests in veterinary medicine are behavior and rehabilitation.  She loves improving animal welfare both emotionally and physically.  When she’s not working she dabbles in the arts including drawing, painting, sculpture, woodworking, cross stitch, and sewing.  She also enjoys camping, hiking, and exploring the beautiful outdoors. Rachel is an unashamed “cat lady” who shares her life with three cats.  Lulu is a voluptuous dilute calico who enjoys lounging on clean clothes and flipping mice into coffee cups.  Kirby is a handsome little Scottish fold who enjoys exploring all the mysteries of paper bags and cardboard boxes.  Wilsey is a mischievous young kitty who will “eat anything: apples, hummus, soup, and maybe even the kitchen sink (if she could fit it in her mouth)!”